Jared Taylor offers sound analysis on the White origins of Western nations and why they need to stay that way. Monthly publications also available.
A religious vision for a race-centric community, as pioneered by the late Dr. William Pierce.
This organization concentrates on deprogramming ALL Law Enforcement and the general public, and additionally they are police consultants against the Zionist lobby and the Morris Dees/ADL mob.
After six thousand years of recorded history, white people finally have a religion of, for, and by them. CREATIVITY is that religion. It is established for the Survival, Expansion, and Advancement of our White Race exclusively. Indeed, we believe that what is good for the White Race is the highest virtue, and what is bad for the White Race is the ultimate sin.
David Duke
One of the foremost activists for our race.
Aryan reading and intellectualism, with a far-Eastern twist to it.
Eugenics and related research materials.
A blog with scattered news and tidbits on racial issues by Robert Frenz.
Read what Jewish author Stephen Steinlight writes about immigration and how Jews can benefit…“This piece is the fruit of an authentic and deeply felt conversion experience, but much as one hankers to grab the reader’s attention with a dramatic retelling of a great and sudden epiphany, it didn’t happen that way. My change of heart, of thought, came gradually, even reluctantly. It was the product of a long evolution, one that occurred incrementally and unevenly over the years I spent as an advocate in the immigration debate who came increasingly to doubt and now, finally, to disown his own case and cause.”