As time progresses, nationalists and racialists of all varieties will have to consider a more revolutionary approach to help bring about a revolutionary Idea, and this short e-book will give you tips and trick to help protect your privacy and yourself so that you may live to fight another day instead of spending your days in a ZOG dungeon on trumped-up “terrorism” charges.

The “official” government report on the failures that led to the terrorist attacks on 9/11. No mention of the jew connection, the 200+ mossad agents deported after the attacks, nor are any sensible real solutions recommended, like cutting off immigration, deporting illegals and ending the playing of favorites in the middle east. Fairly worthless overall.
A handy one-page article with sage advice on what to look for in dealing with possible moles and snitches. It may seem somewhat dated but it is relevant to modern nationalists nonetheless.
As opposed to infantile and simplistic explanations from Western leaders as to why 9/11 came to pass, hear the explanation from bin Laden himself (remember him?) as to why Islam hates the West. Hint: It has to do with endless support for Israel’s strongarm human-rights violations in the Middle East.
Read about the life and times of homos who have eroticized the AIDS disease to the point where they actually want to contract HIV. (2 articles.)
Whether it’s by Chinese front companies that illegally funnel military hardware and secrets back to China, illegal weapon re-sales through israel, or highly-placed Chinese-Americans who are bribed to to move classified documents back to the Motherland, chances are if there is a Chinaman involved in your business or bureaucratic office, they’re helping China at the expense of America.
A TrueType font containing various pro-White logos and glyphs. A fun resource for any White Nationalist, best coupled with programs or applications which embed the fonts onto the electronic documents, like Adobe Acrobat. Great for flyers, posters and the like.
A college-funded study which proves that having a diverse workforce in fact does very nothing to improve profitability and help the bottom line. Instead, diversity makes communication between more radically “diverse” employees and creates tensions that would not otherwise exist in a workforce that has a more culturally homogenous background.
A list of harsh facts regarding the homosexual lifestyle that give a fresh and reasonable opposing view to those who claim that there’s “nothing wrong” with the homosexual “lifestyle.” Also includes a well-annotated supplementary study further expanding on the unhealthy aspects of fudge-packing.
An array of very well-researched and well-documented information concerning the nature and relations of homosexuals in contemporary society. Includes the correlation between homosexuality and child molestation/pedophilia, as well as evidence disproving the “discovery” of a “gay gene”, thus re-enforcing the notion that homosexuality is a choice and not a birthright.
Some collected falsehoods frequently purported by immigrant enthusiasts and the easy refutations which prove unequivocally that unfettered illegal and mass immigration is bad for every sector of society and economy in the long run – except of course for those crooked businesses that are hopelessly addicted to cheap, exploitable labor. Includes a commentary section.
A report from the Center for Immigration Studies subtitled “Assessing the Impact on the United States” which lays out the sobering real costs of latrino immigration into the Unites States from Mexico, sans the typical mental masturbation of immigration enthusiasts.
Jewish Faces, Hearts of Black A windoze executable program highlighting some of the more famous jews that have infested this world, the ills they have wrought, the wars they have instigated on their behalf. A brilliant interactive foray into the sordid history and legacy of the jew parasite. Brought to you by Bamboo Delight Co.
Although Upton Sinclair was a socialist and not a nationalist, his work is featured here because his glaring account of the failures and raw corruption of unfettered global capitalism is right on the mark, even though this book is remembered not for the moral lesson but instead for the muckraking exposé on the grim realities of the meat industry; indeed, a mere six months after this book hit the shelves, the outcry was so great that the American Congress passed the Pure Food and Drug Act. Do not read this book if you enjoy the practice of a carnivorous diet, as you will abruptly become an vegetarian when finished reading.
Building up where his divorce papers leave off, this collection of facts shows the darker side of America’s foremost poverty liar and his self-admitted crusade to enrich himself through perjury, extortion, media manipulation, and racial discrimination within the Poverty Palace itself.
In his landmark article on the genuine threat of unfettered immigration to the national sovereignty of the Western World, Peter Brimelow of VDare explores how innovation brings more benefits to any nation than the wholesale importation of poverty which is the hallmark of modern immigration policies in the West.
As the saying goes, it is neither “federal,” nor is there any “reserve.” As this work by Eustace Mullins explains, the Federal Reserve is in fact a private corporation owned by a secret cabal of bank and their lackeys, which controls the flow of money in order to keep the bankers happy by exploiting the productive masses with the hidden taxation of inflation.
A brief autobiography of a brilliant White man who discovered the foundations for most of the technology we take for granted today, yet he was never adequately recognized for it. If you use digital circuits, fluorescent light bulbs, AC power or radio, then you used the progeny of this great man.