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Dr. William L. Pierce and Hadley
DR. WILLIAM L. PIERCE, founder and Chairman of the National Alliance, died on July 23, 2002, after a battle with cancer lasting less than one month. Prior to his sudden disability, Dr. Pierce maintained his 80-hours-per-week schedule of writing, broadcasting, publishing, and organizing on behalf of people of European descent around the world, a regimen which he continued almost without interruption for 36 years. Standing far above his contemporaries, history will rank William Pierce with Shaw and Nietzsche as a visionary who saw clearly what European Man could become; and he will also be recognized as a great man of action who made his ideals concrete in an organization, the National Alliance, which will continue his Mission beyond his physical life. — Kevin Alfred Strom

Welcome to the Library of White Self-Directed Evolution; the core of the White Liberation and Self-Determination Movement.

On July 23rd of Every Year, We Dedicate and Honor the Life of Dr. William Luther Pierce: The Greatest Visionary of Our Time & Founder of The Cosmotheism Community Church.

Welcome to White Self-Directed Evolution! Our vision for the white people of the world is to take control over our own genetic equation, overthrow our Genetic enemy the self-directed evolution Jew from power and occupation over the governments of every white country of the world and to deliver white liberation and self-determination so that our people can fulfill its destiny in this universe.

Our Cause, By Dr. William Luther Pierce [Download]


By Prometheus. A collection of essays on the importance of the idea of eugenics as evolutionary ethics, and its relevance to the future and destiny of White men everywhere.Brought to you by The Prometheus Collection.

The complete text article collection from, the world’s foremost online resource for the study of Cosmotheism, Prometheism, transhumanism, neo-eugenics and Self-Directed Evolution.

Genius Robert Klark Graham -The Future of Man traces the gradual development of man into the most intelligent and most dominant creature on Earth. But as man progressed materially, his intellectual growth did not keep pace. At least half of the people now crowding this planet would never have survived the rigorous selective processes that operated on earlier man.The author proposes various ways to deal with the vast human derangement brought about by the decline in average human intelligence. These include means of enabling the less intelligent to limit their births to the number desired and means of encouraging a substantial increase of good minds to cope with the world’s intensifying problems. The author’s advice could bring stability and innumerable benefits to all of mankind. The web site dedicated to his life:

General Intelligence and its Implications. In the Spring of 1996, a new book about intelligence and education, THE G FACTOR, created shock waves in Britain by tracing educational failure largely to genetic deficiency in mental speed. The book, by an Edinburgh University academic, appeared after years in which educationalists and the media had played down to vanishing point the importance of inheritance in yielding individual and group differences in attainment. Britain’s politically correct academics were aghast to find fast track learning and streaming urged by a psychologist (as it had been by British Labour leader Tony Blair in a major speech in February, 1996). Under pressure from self-styled ‘anti-racists’, the New York-based academic publishing house, Wiley, unilaterally broke its contract with author Chris Brand by de-publishing the book for ‘racism.’

Madison Grant wrote a concise and powerful book on the eugenic dimension of the Aryan populations of the world, and he was considered the foremost authority on the contemporary subject of eugenics and racial origins. His copious annotation and attention to detail was still not enough to placate his “one world, one race” lefty critics, however. This book is said to have inspired Hitler in some of his later thoughts and policies.

Professor J. Philippe Rushton, a doctorate twice over, examines the genuine differences between peoples as categorized by what we call “race” and the justifications in doing so.

Yet another study by Dr. Philippe Rushton, here he tells of his studies into the realm of what used to be known as “eugenics” in this extremely controversial book. This work explores so heavily into taboo research that the first edition was suppressed due to threats to the publisher from nazi-esque “anti-racist” groupies.

Eugen Fischer gives insight into the cultural-racial history of Hebrews and their earliest migrations, in this article directed towards the intelligent individual who has an interest in genetics and eugenics. This lecture is not intended to contribute new anthropological material, but rather simply to present observations from the point of view of racial research concerning the biological aspect of the origin of the Hebrew people.

A fictional discussion and debate between two of the world’s leading philosophers which exposes the contradictions in Christianity while hinting at the proper epistemology, i.e., means of gaining knowledge. Also brought to you by The Prometheus Collection.

The Biography of Dr. William Luther Pierce The Fame of a Dead Man’s Deeds The biography of Dr. William Pierce the greatest visionary and genius of our time. This profound, prophetic and insightful 420+ page book brings you inside of the genius of the futurist man who founded the Cosmotheist community Church and National Alliance. Also read Cosmotheism.

The Origin of Species by means of Natural Selection, or The Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life. By Darwin.

A Simple 3 Book Trilogy. The ideology and foundation for a new life-centric and affirmative religion of human ascension to Godhood, containing succinct and simple truths as laid out by the late Dr. William Pierce. For more information, please visit

Man and Superman is a powerful drama which inspired Dr. William Pierce at a very early age to begin developing Cosmotheism.


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